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Supervision services are available to Virginia Residents in Counseling. As a Virginia Board of Counseling-approved supervisor, Supervision is offered based on rules and regulations established by the Virginia Board of Counseling. 

Residents in counseling are expected to constantly review and stay current on these rules, regulations, and any changes made by the board. See the links below for details on board rules, regulations, and application forms.

As a supervisor, I focus on your clinical skills and counselor identity development. I strive to support you in meeting the requirements to become licensed and in defining a career path that is satisfying and offers the ability to serve the clients you wish to help the most.  

If you are interested in the supervision services, contact me at

Please provide a copy of your updated resume. You and I will schedule a meet and greet online to determine if we are a good match and discuss your needs, goals, and schedule availability. Your professional identity is essential. I may request professional recommendations as well.

Supervision rates:

Individual Supervision is $150 per hour

Group Supervision is $75 per hour

If you have additional questions, CONTACT ME HERE.

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