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Relationship issues are the core of what I intend to address through our services. We all live in community and are hard-wired for connection when those connections are not operating optimally it may cause significant distress and impact our ability to function in different areas of life. 

Relationship issues can be some of the most distressing issues any person can experience. We seek our most basic needs of connection and safety in relationships.  Research shows that couples that engage in frequent high-conflict situations experience an increased incidence of health issues.  When those significant relationships are not going "well," they can feel stressful, dissatisfying, and unsafe. We often wonder if there is hope; this can often cause emotional and even physical issues for any person. You may find yourself with feelings of being "stuck," hopeless, and/or helpless.

From an individual therapy perspective, I consider the client part of their systems and how the issues they encounter may cause them to feel lonely, unloved, disconnected, dissatisfied, hopeless, and/or helpless. Even if their loved ones are absent, we look at assisting you in finding ways to heal yourself and improve all areas of life.

​Understanding what affects us as individuals or together gives us increased insight into our parts and our dynamics. Working on our part creates opportunities for healthy connections with those we care about.​If you are feeling depressed, anxious, or dissatisfied with your relationship, there is hope.  There is something that you may still need to consider trying. Something that can help you feel better and allow the healing of those significant relationships.Counseling can enable you to do the work individually or with your partner.

Couples therapy usually addresses communication, conflict, trust, betrayal, emotional disconnection, unresolved distressing events, and trauma. 


Relational issues can be complexity is usually due to deeper issues that we may not be able to recognize yet.   As a therapist. I am passionate about learning to understand our stories and how they influence how we connect with others. Unpacking this and finding ways to resource those underdeveloped areas for us, we become healthier, grounded, and able to relate to others in a more satisfying, safe, and enjoyable manner than before.

If you are ready to give the process a chance, contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

Couples' services include

While I am working with a couple, we address things like:

  • Disconnect of Emotions

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Communication practices

  • Issues of betrayal and/or infidelities

  • Couples in active recovery

  • Trauma 

  • Struggles with intimacy, romance, or sexuality

Before scheduling a session,  I offer couples a free 15-minute online screening call.


During our initial conversation, I will determine whether or not you are ready to proceed based on clinical indications. I'm also happy to respond to any inquiries you might have. The screening call also provides you with the opportunity to determine whether or not we'd be a good match for each other as well.  Lastly, I also assess for the presence of pre conditions such as the ones listed below.  If pre conditions are present I will work with you in creating a plan to get you ready to engage in the couples counseling when is clinically indicated. 

Pre Conditions:

  • Active and ongoing addictions

  • Verbal and Physical Abuse that persists. **Safety Is Of Utmost Importance**

  • Severe mental disorders that are untreated

Make an appointment for your FREE 15- Minute Online Screening By Contacting Us Here.

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