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Trauma & PTSD

Trauma is a pervasive problem(s) in response to a stressful, distressing, or frightening event. The events can affect our emotional 
and/or physical well-being. There are three types of trauma acute, chronic, and complex. The severity and presentation of symptoms and how they affect our daily lives can vary. One may experience trauma by experiencing a physical response such as increased heart rate, difficulty breathing, confusion, anxiety, dissociation, and blunt affect. When it comes to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), not everyone that has experienced a traumatic event will develop it. But some people do, and it can become a chronic issue that worsens if not treated. The good news is that there are treatment options you can consider, and they will allow you to regain the sense of safety and control you may have lost.

Trauma has been part of my work in the mental health field from the beginning. I have worked with issues related to trauma from different perspectives through time. From child abuse prevention training  in support of low-income communities in my home country in the early years of my career. Therapy and psycho-educational services at a military facility in support of military members and their families.   To intensive treatment with teens at an inpatient facility. As a private practitioner, I have worked with many clients that have experienced different levels of trauma. Even in my own family, we have experienced trauma/PTSD as a former military family.

CBT is a standard therapy approach many uses to treat clients dealing with trauma-related issues. I knew many clients for this approach may not have been enough. I wanted to find a way to assist clients in finding healing. For that reason, I trained in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing therapy/EMDR and became EMDR Certified. EMDR is an evidenced based therapy method. It has been widely researched and studied, proving its effectiveness repeatedly. I have had the honor of witnessing clients reach goals they thought were impossible before they tried EMDR.

At Stronger Together, we serve individual and couple clients in addressing trauma issues that may affect their lives differently.  
If you are struggling with Trauma and want to speak, CONTACT US for an appointment.

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