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Couples Therapy
Intensive Approach

This approach is helpful for couples who feel frustrated, trapped, and/or helpless and have felt there is no way to improve the situation.

It is also beneficial for couples who may have previously made unsuccessful attempts at counseling.


Those who benefit the most are couples who, despite the difficulties, are prepared to move forward in their relationship.

Your motivation is what makes the difference!

In an intensive approach to couples counseling, you can expect the following:

The Process addresses couples' needs in 3-5 days, versus a traditional couples counseling process requiring a minimum of 6-12 months of counseling.

This approach assists couples in stabilizing the relationship and restoring secure connections to move forward in their healing process.


Follow-up sessions offer additional support after the process is complete.

Benefits of this strategy:

• Stabilization of the relationship.

• Increased ability to achieve treatment goals in less time.

• Attention paid to specific areas of need.

• It is a clearly defined process with specific and achievable objectives.

• Consistent evaluation of the capacity for change according to established goals and progress.

• Counselor's entire focus and availability to you during the process.

• First follow-up appointment included in the package.

• Additional support, as needed, through patient portal messages and/or calls.

• Additional materials and resources included in the package.

• Intensives are offered in person and/or virtually through the patient portal.

In the first four hours, we complete the relationship assessment.

In the case of intensives, you will complete the online questionnaires before we meet. That will allow me time to review them and complete the relationship assessment on the same day. 

Services are offered in person or through Telehealth for Couples Intensive Counseling.

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