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Stronger Together Relationships LLC

My Approach


I enjoy working collaboratively with clients by exploring how to meet their needs and utilize their strengths to support them.

Cultural sensitivity is significant to me as a Hispanic female and a first-generation immigrant. I am sensitive to your needs as a client and work towards avoiding assumptions regarding who you are and your values. I honor your experience and values and will support you in the process.

My life experiences allow me to understand and help you from a unique perspective, though I do not assume I know it all. You, as the client, are the expert in your own life. I see my role as a supporter and guide who walks beside you on a journey to find the answers and changes you seek.

My interest in relationship counseling comes from the importance of recognizing how anything that affects us can be detrimental to our most important relationships. However, couples counseling is not a magical pill that can repair all relationships. In certain situations, more assertive work is beneficial to achieve the best results. This method can positively impact both individuals, even if the relationship ends.

I have been a Certified Gottman Therapist since 2019.

I use the Gottman Couples Therapy Method to support the couples I serve. The Gottman Method has been proven highly effective, with over 40 years of research backing it. This method offers a structure that helps couples and myself lay out clear goals we are working towards.

Working with couples has been a fun and rewarding journey. It has allowed me to witness the growth of the clients I serve. I have also supported individual clients in improving communication with their partners by utilizing many concepts from the Gottman Method.


Most recently, I have added EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) to my toolbox to support couples. By integrating concepts from both the Gottman Method and EMDR, the effectiveness of counseling tremendously increases.


In addition to working with couples, I thoroughly enjoy working with individual adults. My adult focus areas are relationship issues, depression, anxiety, and trauma.

The experience of having a loved one with PTSD strengthened my belief that, with the proper support, those affected by trauma can recover and live a life not defined by what happened to them.


When working with trauma, depression, anxiety, and other relational issues that individual clients may face, I use attachment-based EMDR, which is highly effective.


If you want to learn more about our services and how I work with clients, CONTACT US  and we will be happy to assist you.

National Certified Counselor
Gottman Therapist
EMDR Certified Therapist

Education & Credentials


Virginia Counselors Association
Alabama Counseling Association

Virginia Counselors Association

American Counseling Association

Mental Health Professionals of North Alabama

Mental Health Professionals of North Alabama

American Counseling Association

Alabama Counselors Association

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